Meet the Sweety & Co.

Meet the Sweety & Co.

SBS was idealised in the end of 2011 by Isabela Rodrigues, so far a freelancer and employee of one of the most renowned creative production company, Santa Transmedia.

She dreamt of creating a studio which would represent her thoughtful and refined work, practically artisanal pieces, and full of life.​

Our goal is to elevate the design to a collectible level, the sweety level, where the person who acquires one of our products and designs​, will have such a strong emotional bond that they won’t want to throw it away (only if recycling, okay?).


The Dieline Awards


Among several nominations and publications in Design specialised magazines and websites, we highlight the 2014 The Dieline Awards, in which we accomplished the 3rd place in non alcoholic beverages, for the Petit Natural Juice project.
Due to the distinctness of The Dieline, we have a huge affection for this award, which is the gateway to global projects.


Isabela Rodrigues

Founder & Creative Director

​Graduated from CEFET-RS, Isabela dedicated herself to the digital world from a very young age, but her true love has always been tactile design. Needs challenges constantly and believes that you can’t go through a day without learning something new. Because of that, after more than a decade of work, she decided to unravel a new world and ​deepen her knowledge in packaging and structural design, and today, lives in full happiness working on what she loves the most together with the team.

Personal Quote

“If you can’t do it with 101% of love and dedication, don’t even start.”

Akel Neto

Partner & Architect

Akel Neto together with Isabela Rodrigues created and shaped what the studio is today.
He is responsible for the direction and coordination of the Interior Architect, a new core of SBS which has already given us important and memorable results.
With a passion for architecture, Akel Neto is an essential base in developing more technical and structural designs.

Personal Quote

“Form ever follows functions” Louis Sullivan

Rafael Eifler

Graphic designer

Currently finishing his graduation in Graphic Design, Rafael has always liked the visual aspects of the world.Passionate about branding, he believes design can transform the companies and the society.
Outside of design, Rafael’s biggest passion is traveling and meeting new people, places and cultures.
He has lived in London and feels like the british capital is the best place on earth.

Personal Quote

“It takes a very long time to become young.” Pablo Picasso

Isadora Schmidt

Sales Manager

Although an International Business Student, Isadora has always had an interest for the creative.
She thinks of design as something that changes completely how you look at a product or a company. With good design, any brand is more likely to be recognised and remembered. Her hobbies include travelling, which she feels opens her eyes to other cultures and provides a wider vision of the world. In her spare time, Isadora also practices Muay Thai, a form of thai marcial art. She hopes to graduate from the university and continue her education by studying Fashion Merchandising Management abroad.

Personal Quote

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.”
Henry David Thoreau

Joana Heck

Graphic Designer

Joana was a curious child and found her taste for drawing very early on her life. In her teenage years she devoted herself to painting, illustrated some books and participated in art exhibitions. All of that made more sense when she ran across graphic design, field in which she’s graduated and nowadays specializes in Branding.

Personal Quote

“Where thou canst not love, do not tarry”
Frida Kahlo

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