MH – Handmade Memories

MH – Handmade Memories

MH – Handmade Memories

MH Handmade Memories is a lifestyle and stationery brand based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. It was shaped from the prestige and good taste of its creator, the businesswoman Maria Helena Pessoa de Queiroz, who dedicates herself to creating and manufacturing exclusive and extremely sophisticated photo albums.


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With a minimalistic composition, the monogram MH is the main focus. The Provence Lilac color provides the perfect mixture between refinement and sophistication. The Hotstamping is a key element in all stationery and MH packaging elements, strengthening the premium feel.

Provence Lilac
Pantone 665C

Posh Blue
Pantone 533C

The future

Thinking ahead, we’ve also created a line of limited edition notebooks for customers to take notes during their travels or in any particular situation.

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