RAWCHA is a line of organic products that are based on Matcha Green Tea, which among all its benefits improves mood and focus. Along with the branding, we were invited by The Pretty Smart Food Company to create their line of products including the Raw Matcha Tea and its delicious cereal bars.

— Packaging, Branding & Illustration / Location: UK

We’ve created a packaging that brings together the green colors of the Matcha Tea along with an icon composition already present on the other products created for The Pretty Smart Food Company. The result is a beautiful artwork combining the elements of the tea with an objective and sophisticated typography.

The Bars

For the RAWCHA line of bars, we’ve created an extension of the already existing aesthetic and brought explosive colors in order to keep the distance from competitors who always bet on sober and natural colors.

cardboard tabletop display

Acid lime
Pantone 7479C

Melted Chocolate
Pantone 477C

Delicious Pink
Pantone 232C

Purple Rain
Pantone 2665C

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