The Beauty Brushes

The Beauty Brushes


The Beauty Box is a highly renowned brand in Brazil that brings a unique concept to all its packagings. Thinking of a way to identify the brand’s brushes, we’ve created a packaging line with a retro-glam concept, turning the product into a gift and a must have.


  • Packaging
  • Branding



With a sweet colour palette, we’ve created a version with a focus on the lettering, integrating the brush in an iconic way in the packaging.

For this version, we’ve brought a sophisticated pattern resembling makeup swatches.

Associating the brushes with a women’s jewellery, we’ve designed a proposal where the packaging resembles a jewellery box, with soft and delicate colours.

With a retro-glam feel, we’ve worked in a version resembling an old apothecary book, with a classic typography and rich detailing.

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